Leah Brown, N.P.

Leah Larson, N.P

Leah Brown is a licensed Nurse Practitioner and a native of Rancho Bernardo. Since she was a young girl, she knew she wanted to help people and make a difference in the community. Leah attended Whitman College in Washington, and later went on to get her Master’s at the University of Denver in conflict resolution.  She worked in Sarajevo, Bosnia following their civil war as part of the United Nation’s program to promote healing to the region.  After graduate school, Leah wanted to pursue her passion for healing and medicine. In 2004 she worked on Palomar Health’s “Prop: BB” bond campaign to bring better health care facilities to our communities. In 2009, Leah graduated from the University of San Diego with honors earning her Master of Science in Nursing and her certification as a Nurse Practitioner.

Leah has always loved dermatology and is passionate about helping patients of all ages to have the best skin possible. She has been working at Bernardo Dermatology since 2006, first as a medical assistant, and now as an experienced and skilled Nurse Practitioner. Along with providing skilled clinical services, Leah believes in a holistic perspective to health care emphasizing health education and wellness promotion as well as disease management. She is a compassionate listener and enjoys spending quality time with each patient.  Her patients benefit from her application of the latest medical advances including light treatment for psoriasis, laser rejuvenation for age spots, laser hair removal and nail treatment.

In addition to her formal medical training, Leah enjoys yoga, hiking, and swimming.  She currently lives in Poway with her husband and two small children.

Patient Testimonial:

I made an appointment with Leah Brown to figure out what to do about the ugly fungus on my toenails. Leah patiently explained the options of Laser therapy with anti-fungal cream or taking drugs that might hurt my liver. Naturally I chose Laser and amazingly after two treatments my toenails look great and I can wear sandals again! Leah was so easy to talk with and really cared about me. Thank you Leah.”


"I recently saw Leah Brown for sun spots on my face and was worried about the pain of laser treatment. Leah took the time to reassure me. Her nurse then carefully applied numbing medicine beforehand and then the laser therapy was smooth, quick, and PAINLESS! Better yet the spots are gone! Leah and her staff were so caring and put me at ease. Thanks again Leah for your excellent care."